little lovebird world

I just love photographing this little peachface! Here is Petey with all her cardboard chewing toys:

curious little lovebird

Petey comes out of her house for a photo opportunity

Petey's jungle

shade for little miss queen lovebird

the royal bath


Anne said...

Hi, Candy! Petey is sooooo cute! :-)

jenjen said...

What a cute little bird. So sweet!


Helena said...

She is beautiful! So cheeky looking, too!

We kept budgies when I was a girl and we had a bath for them- I had forgotten about that! It is so cute when they take a bath! LOL!

Nowadays I have birdbaths in the garden and love to see sparrows, starlings and blackbirds splashing about. It looks like they really have fun!

doulanana said...

What a sweet birdie! Love your tags too!