happy santa and the little presents

its never too early for...

happy santa tags!

Sorry about all this, but I just started my new job at World Market a few days ago, so I'm surrounded by pretty ornaments and Christmas decor. Tonight my shift begins at 11pm to 7:30am! Wish me luck....I'm going to need it!


I love felt!

I made this little toy pouch for my future niece Corinne. I'm going to fill it with little toy felt animals and other trinkets. This is such a cool hobby! I feel lucky to be learning all about the world of felt. The possibilities are endless! By the way, that's supposed to be a rabbit... don't laugh like me! I'm still learning!


Arty links

Hello everyone! I've found some new really cool unique blogs. They are very inspirational, creative and just lovely! Just click on their name.

#1: Anne
#2: Tina
#3: Helen
#4: Deb
#5: Toni
#6: Emily
#7: Lauren
#8: Charlie


orange scrappy gift tag

Here is a new little tag I made:

I just discovered two cool scrapbooking sites:

my prefered scrapbooking style


this one because its pink and fluffy

shabby chic

check them out if you get a chance!