golden scrap journal

little details:

hidden mirror:

golden details:

butterfly page:

leaf page:

ribbon page:

inside pages:

front cover:

back cover:

This scrappy journal was inspired by my golden tag.


art club

This door hanger is for an online art club, Milliande's Artist Date. It encourages art and creativity. Its totally free, and you can take just 10, 30 or 60 minutes. This collage took about 5 minutes and I just used papers and fibers that were already on my desk. These pieces were torn and adhered with a gluestick.

candy's confections

You like?

I love this candy dish from the goodwill. I still love making treats from this book:


Petey's world

Welcome to Petey's world: here is her little tipi..

This is her outdoor daytime play area...

her tunnels and hiding places...

her weekly treat: millet spray

Its going to be another warm day for us, so Petey can stay here in our enclosed outdoor area. I'm off to work!


Beautiful collage!

I wish I made this beautiful collage, but its actually from the very talented Toni.
There are so many details that this scanned postcard doesn't do it justice! Please visit her site when you get a chance. I really like looking at her Parisian collages which are very feminine and elegant, as well as her very detailed background collages (like this one). Have a look!

after the rain...

I like how green everything looks after a little sprinkle...
One of my pretty plants died, so I had a little bald spot that needed to be covered. This little birdie was from the 99 cent store.

this little lighthouse was too. It looks super cute at night with a little tealight.

new mexican sunflower seedlings. I'm curious to see if they will continue to grow in the fall and winter...

And last but not least, my little lovebird Petey. She can say my name now, but it sounds like "wroww wee!" instead of Candy.