first tomato harvest

My first tomato harvest!
Petey and I sampled a few little tomatoes, just to make sure they were ready...

Clarence is happy and ready to deliver the first harvest to my father in law, Tom.

Go Clarence, go!! Isn't he adorable with that little basket of goodies?


jenjen said...

YUM! You are so lucky! I am still waiting for mine to get ripe. Enjoy!


Rosanne said...

Yum, they look good!

Toni said...

but, but but -- splutter -- no salsa?

I'm so in love with Petey; she is da BOMB! and look at you grinning; are her little clawlets tickling that cleavage, woman?!

candy said...

yep! Petey pretty much walks all over me. The most ticklish part is my neck. She rides with me everywhere and has to know everything I'm doing! Silly parrot!


Anne said...

Hi, Candy! Fabulous photo of you and Petey showing off the harvest! :-)

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

yum. did i mention i'm so jealous of your tomatoes? well- i am. ;)