paper samples out to dry

Before Clarence and I begin our vacation to Vegas in a few days, I'm going to make something :)

Here are my little painted paper samples drying out in the sun. So far, no laundry had ended up on my ropes out in the patio, only wet inked paper!

Petey watches as I create. Petey is laying eggs, shredding paper and cute as ever.


Leopard print gift tags!

new: leopard tags!

stamp collection colorful notecards

new colorful notecards added to my little Etsy store:
the pages used for these envelopes were taken from an upcycled stamp collector booklet discovered in a thrift store in Grover Beach, CA.

what a treasure!


washi paper notecards

I've been working on a paper lei for a co-worker, but have run into a few problems...
I'll post photos of the process at a later time...

Here is a little project that I just have fun with while I'm contemplating solution:
Washi Paper notecards!

I discovered this paper at a Daiso store in San Jose, CA. It is actually made in Thailand, and it is used for wrapping paper gifts. This Washi wrapping paper has a really cool dried petal design.
I can't wait till I'm able to go back to Daiso!