Rose notecards

These are quick and easy to make! I find that if the book, calendar or magazine has thick paper, my envelopes have a better quality and print. These notecards were made from an upcycled Rose book from a thrift store in Fresno.

I had fun shopping with my sister in law this weekend!


little pink notebook

I finally made something from my hanging paper samples!

cute embossed paper notebook!


laminated foil origami boxes

here is a new project for me: laminated origami boxes


heavy duty foil
exacto knife

bone folder

photo mount (or glue stick)

japanese newsprint I bought a year ago

heavy duty foil I bought at food for less

spray back of newsprint with photo mount

folding instructions at the bottom of this blog

unfolding little box

origami foil boxes!

bottom of boxes

instructions from origami book


felt jellybeans!

Fun felt jellybeans to add in the Etsy store (if you don't have time to make them yourself). They were very easy to make! Just cut out 2 beans out of felt, and add a few stitches and glue the pieces together! its a cinch!


green apple

black licorice

red cherry

grape purple