One more mini photo book to share!

mini photo books with donated supplies

Christmas shopping all done!  Here are some creations made from photo inserts purchased at the goodwill, and some scraps of cardstock and ribbons from my friends & family!

I also made some more origami frames out of an old atlas:


sliding stationery set with billfolds

These are my newest handmade paper creations!

 my handmade billfold with string enclosure
these notecards were made from upcycled envelopes 

these wonderful ideas came from a book I purchased on Etsy!  Here is the link:



peacock papers

sample #1
creamy white background with turquoise/blue, gold, green and violet design

sample #2
orange background with turquoise, purple and green design
limoge background with green, violet and cream design
sample #4
 turquoise background with greens and purple design

 other side of roll


special origami frame project

 44 red blossoms
44 blue pagoda


sample papers

sample 1

sample 2
sample 3
sample 4