first tomato harvest

My first tomato harvest!
Petey and I sampled a few little tomatoes, just to make sure they were ready...

Clarence is happy and ready to deliver the first harvest to my father in law, Tom.

Go Clarence, go!! Isn't he adorable with that little basket of goodies?


messy tag production

These tags are quite messy, but sooooo fun to make!
The golden flakes are everywhere..

Hey! A gold tattoo! I just left this one on me.


a few new tags

Here are a few of my new tag creations....its been a while since I made these! The inspiration comes from Jessica's blog:
I love her tags!


my first tomato harvest!!

my first harvest! Oh boy!!

my beautiful Mexican Sunflower blooms!

well, I'm off to work! Gotta water my pots and put Petey outside so she can play!


first birthday card

Here is my first birthday card! I used a sketch from this website----> Kortskissen.
I love looking at all of the creative entries. Check it out if you enjoy making cards, or are curious about learning from sketches.


messy little garden

My little potted garden is really growing fast! The tomatoes and Mexican sunflowers were planted from seeds, and are almost 3 ft tall! I love this fiery orange bloom.

Petey spends the day outside with a beach towel over her cage so she won't overheat.

Petey hides while I snap pictures...

Cosmos planted from seeds:

My tomatoes! I can't wait to eat these!