new baby, Julia Jane Bello!

Grandma Robles and Julia

3 generations of girls

Grandpa Robles & Julia

at home with a new baby!

at the hospital


38 week pregnancy belly

Here is my week 38 big-o-belly! Two more weeks to go! I've been very busy nesting and hardly any crafting!

I can't wait to meet my daughter Julia Bello in June! Hopefully she'll be on time and not too late!


stuffed paper Easter eggs

Here is a fun project I've been working on in my spare time: Stuffed paper Easter Eggs!
Here is the link to the tutorial! Have fun making this wonderful and exciting project!!

images from:


scrap lace on Etsy

I've got some extra scrap lace to sell on Etsy:

There is about 2 ft. of each type of lace shown here.

Also, I love this paper with the music notes! It was from a music book at a goodwill store in Grover Beach.


wet diaper bag

Here is my latest creation: a wet diaper bag!

Sorry about the blurry photos, but I photographed in really low light. The inside is a waterproof vinyl lining and the material was purchased at Wal-Mart. Here is the website for the instructions:


pink mini scrapbook

egg garland

Here is my handmade Easter garland! I made it out of an upcycled book of poetry, scrap lace and scrap ribbons! I'm ready for Easter!


artist trading card origami envelopes

Here are some cute origami envelopes I made from some wrapping paper I purchased at Cost Plus World Market:

I used a product called the "Enveloper," which helps you create any size envelope you need. Its a really fabulous tool that I needed badly!! No more using scissors and Etsy templates!