glitter easter decor

I took some photos last year of our Easter celebration at my in-laws, and used them for decor this year. At first glance they look just like photos:

but if viewed at an angle, there are millions of these tiny iridescent glitter circles that give the photos a cool sparkle:
The photos were sprayed with photo mount and then sprinkled with Martha Stewart clear coarse glitter. Thanks for looking! I'm still have more to make!


scrappy egg book

Here is a little addition to my Etsy shop called the egg book


love lunch bag

I found a wonderful lunch bag tutorial from the purl bee! I've used my day off from work creatively, and I finally made time to sew a project. I'm very inexperienced when it comes to sewing fabrics. The only other project I made was a pair of pajamas a couple of years ago (has it been that long?). This tutorial was very easy to read and understand. You should give it a try today!
Thanks for looking!


chocolate polka dot scrapbook

Chocolate polka dot scrapbook:

I love making these things! No more shopping for me, just using what I already have in my collection of old papers, donated supplies and unwanted craft items from my Mom.


spring mini scrapbook kit

I sold all my Asian scrapbook kits on Etsy! I only had 2 :)
I decided to make a couple of mini spring kits for sale in the Etsy shop! Enjoy!