Little Etsy store Clearance!

There are lots of good deals in the Etsy store happening right now! Stop by and check out the last chance goodies!


working on a few customized orders

This mini project has kept me busy lately. My full time retail job is keeping me super busy and tired! Monday is my day off, and I plan to start a new crafting project to make me smile :) Maybe I'll make some Christmas garland....

Just been machine stitching on paper again...


Baby Bello on the way!

I'm going to be a mommy!  I'm so excited!  I'm already 8 weeks and 3 days!  



I'm off duty from World Market. Time to stitch!
Bag of legs already stitched:
handstitching takes a lot of time!


20 bodies and rear finished and ready for legs and head piece

little rear piece, so cute!


little oxen pieces


rear pieces


close up of flower

flowers w/out pearls




Asian Ox experiment

new Asian Ox photos: Experimenting with different color and stitching technique. Beverly's ran out of the color I wanted, so I used this "cashmere tan" felt.

aproximately 6 inches in length
belly photo:
regular stitching: horn revision:

I'll switch to a thinner thread for the mouth. It looks too bulky for me!

I just hot glued some ivory petals and pinned this flower temporarily:


Asian Felt Ox

Here is a really cool and large project! Felt Asian ox!
Usually I make little felt critters no larger than 2 x 3 inches in size, but this turned out to be a nice challenge for me. The first one is complete, and I have 19 more to go. I'm ready for assembly line production!
Asian Ox with bell photoshopped in:
Front view with bell photoshopped in:
Top view

detail of hoof:

detail of front hoof:


ear and horn stitching:
horn assembly: 2 pieces felt glued together, then handstitched:

more detail of horn and ear:

close up of eye and smile:

super close up of face....too close!

belly.....and also, I think I'll stuff him from the rear, not his neck like this one...

about 2 1/2 inches

about 9 inches