paper bag mini book: four more pages

paper bag mini book: first four pages

Here is my new paper bag mini book. I learned how to put stitches on the pages, just the zigzag stitch. I'll play with the other types on future mini books. The photos were from Corinne's first birthday:


Isabel's Birthday and more Fathers Day pics

swimming with the boys (baby J and PJ). I think it was 104 on this day in Madera.

PJ and his amazing stomach show

Robert, Jessica and Isabel

Baby J and Jessica

It was too hot in the carport area, so we were all inside waiting for Isabel to arrive for her party.

the three musketeers

Happy Birthday to you Isabel!!

Jessica and John

mmm....I really like this Crown Royal and butterscotch shot

John and Jay's former roomate Jason!

Sabrina dancing, so sassy!

I think it was about 2:45am on this shot. Notice the weary Sabrina, the leaning Isabel....and John.......still going at it.

Fathers Day June 15, 2008.

Mom, please make Ciopino again! You're the best!

Mom looking very pretty for Dads big day

Dad, I hope you exchanged those new shorts!


I'm home again!

my nephew Caleb and Jessica

the new little filly (only two weeks old)

feeding the little filly

Caleb diving

Fathers day: Caleb and his father Jay



the warrior

he's almost too cool to know...



- metallic copper dry brush acrylic paint over mask
-broken necklace piece


Week 1: "Commit"

I'm going to participate in a weekly art journal challenge. "e" has already posted several weeks worth of fabulous layouts and there are links to many other inspiring blog posts as well. I suppose I'm tired of 'just looking,' and want to get involved somehow! Plus....its helping me create in ways I didn't learn in school. Plus I have an excuse to play with paints, crayons, cloth and beads. Each week a word will be the prompt for a layout in the art journal. There is also a flickr group, which is a shortcut to all of the layouts. cover


my little angel...

I love this little bird!


Corning Trip,and Williams Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. James Williams

lovely bridesmaids...

beautiful cake...

me and Clarence...

Tom and Caroline...

Corinne makes a friend...

Superstar Corinne...

Dee Dee loves the Beebee..

little toes!