experiment frame

  simple chipboard hinge 

one side of chipboard hinge inserted in the back of frame #1  (back view)

  other side of hinge inserted in frame #2 
(front view)

 flap tucked inside of other folded flap 

 glued in place

  finished front

finished back


 Option 1 - deep orange, almost red with gold medallions

option 2 - found only 5 sheets, so there will be 24 all together if you chose this option.

option 3 - ivory with gold, pink and yellow

option 4 - ivory with orange, turquoise and red print



I made a wolf frame anyway!


2nd shrinky dink display book

I'm still using up my stash of spring paper from years ago!  I made another cute shrinky dink display book.


new gold leaf origami frame

 Here are some pretty gold leaf frames just added to my Etsy store!