Inspired by Mom...

My mom is a professional wedding planner and now has her own home business. These tags were inspired by my mom's collection of bouquets, lace, beautiful bridal dresses, florals and her own personal beauty (I love her hands, soft, gentle and so ladylike, like my grandmothers).

Here is my Mom:
Here is my Grandmother and Grandfather:

here are some more tags I made:

some details:


Petey goes to the doctor

Petey loves mirrors!

ah yes, I look so nice...
Petey was so brave at the Doctors office. She is very healthy and happy!


star book

My first star book! I got the idea from the book, "Book Arts - Beautiful Bindings for Handmade Books" by Mary Kaye Seckler. This little book is packed with book binding techniques. I learned how to hand stitch a book!