felt tea cup and saucer

These are some goodies I've been playing with this week:

little tea cup and spoon

fork and plate

tiny tea table
lots to create still from this little felt shop book!


stationary box

When I first discovered this stationary box on Nana's Place last fall, I thought it was the coolest handmade paper craft creation. Since then I've discovered many other similar craft sites like NotLeftStanding and Keenan Kreations.

Here are my attempts that are still under construction:

Thanks to everyone that inspires me!


52 Q week 4

The title of this week (I'm a little behind) is: When I look into my eyes I see:

a curious person looking back...


felt cake shop complete!

November 15, 2010:

Etsy shop clearance! Last chance! click here!!

well, it has been 4 days in bed with this ridiculous bronchitis....blah! To keep from going completely insane indoors, I had to keep busy. While I was sick, I made a little pasty shop for all my treats.

lots of pink felt......

......and chipboard from a recycled cereal box

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


felt pastries and cupcakes

Here are more felt creations from the same Japanese craft book. I think I'll add beads to the tops of the cupcakes to make them look like sprinkles. Their size is minute. My mom laughed when I told her that I stuffed that wee little strawberry. I think it is the size of my pinky nail!

Now that I have a little chest cold, I'll have more time in bed to create more treats. Blah! I don't like being sick!