mini red notebook...another fun project!

I'm getting pretty fast with these little notebooks, and I have endless paper and felt scraps. This red notebook reminds me of where I used to work, Target. I haven't been shopping there in a while because of the 30 minute commute. Does anyone know if Target has any good deals lately?


more felt treats...a baby bed

I used my empty christmas card box to make a little felt bed for Corinne's baby:

pink felt stocking

Here is a little Christmas stocking that I made for Corinne:

lots of dots...

the finished stocking

stuffed with filling

I found this cute baby at Walmart for a dollar! And its the perfect size to fit in the stocking.
I got the stocking idea from a Paper Source catalog, and sort of snagged it! I figured I can save $49.95 by making it myself, and it was not anything difficult at all.


back home again! Baby J's birthday

It's nice to be back home with my friends!

Jess and Izzy: here are the photos

Baby J, Pj, Izzy and Jessica

Homemade spongebob birthday cake. He got a build-a-bear game for his little nintendo ds from his brother.

Baby J and his cake, he just turned 5

Happy birthday to you little guy!


felt cookies!

chocolate chip cookies anyone?

I love felt! The possibilities are endless!


hiking to the San Luis Obispo Lighthouse

entrance to the trail

the view from the hiking trail San Luis Obispo harbor

our very knowledgeable docent Karin and my fiance Clarence

and our other very knowledgeable docent, Barton

little birdhouse by the Lighthouse

Ta da! beautiful architecture!

the view from the Lighthouse

angles and doorways

inside the Lighthouse

old stove brought in from an antique shop for furnishing the Lighthouse
Clarence has lived in San Luis Obispo all his life, and this was his first trip to the Lighthouse, and mine as well. There was a slight breeze and beautiful sunshine all day. It doesn't feel like December on the west coast!


teeny barbie notebook and Christmas tree

Here is a teeny little pink notebook that I whipped up yesterday. I'm going to make a few more assorted colors to add to my little market.

Here is my 6 ft. decorated tree:

I like to shop year round for gifts, so I have a few wrapped up right now. Have you decorated your home, or is it too early?