felt penguin

This is Wally the felt penguin! (my husband Clarence picked his cute name)
He is a new member of the felt critter family!


packaging for u2robles etsy shop

I just had a person from Germany buy something from my etsy shop! How cool is that?

This is the new packaging that I made for my goodies:

first I sew a little pocket out of clear plastic

then I slip the scrapbook inside and trim off the extra plastic

then I print out the label on cardstock

fold in half with bone folder

then I stapled it to the pocket bag

ta da! Everything is ready for shipment to Germany!


new gift tags

here are two of my new princess tags:

more gift tags below!

thanks for looking!

Spencer eats breakfast with me

This is Spencer, our new little parotlet.
Spencers' favorite meal is breakfast eggs, toast and tea! He loves eggs!



new felt critters

I'm all done with the new additions to the felt shop:

first, little brown chicken

little white chicken protects her eggs!

Bernie the puppy is back:

and finally, Bernard the felt puppy
these were a lot of fun to make! Hope you like them!


felt cow

Hello Mu-mu!
Time for some more felt critters! This little guy was really fun and easy to stitch up!

I can't decide if I want to sell him, or keep him!
As you can see, Mu-mu loves hot cocoa!


clear tags

Hello, I've snagged a really cool idea from an Etsy seller. Only hers are much better than mine! Her Etsy seller name is : lemontreestudio <----click here

Here is my version, but not as good as the original!


front page of Etsy!

My little felt chips were featured on the front page of Etsy! Cool!

Now I'm part of the club, and I can post this little sign on my blog:


little lovebird world

I just love photographing this little peachface! Here is Petey with all her cardboard chewing toys:

curious little lovebird

Petey comes out of her house for a photo opportunity

Petey's jungle

shade for little miss queen lovebird

the royal bath


first tomato harvest

My first tomato harvest!
Petey and I sampled a few little tomatoes, just to make sure they were ready...

Clarence is happy and ready to deliver the first harvest to my father in law, Tom.

Go Clarence, go!! Isn't he adorable with that little basket of goodies?


messy tag production

These tags are quite messy, but sooooo fun to make!
The golden flakes are everywhere..

Hey! A gold tattoo! I just left this one on me.