my first thank you tag

this little one is going on a gift basket

I forgot which website had the idea for painting and outlining letters, but I used that technique for this tag.


jenjen said...

Hi Candy! What a beautiful tag! You always do the most amazing things!


Helena said...

This is lovely!!!

Toni said...

Great colors! I have NO patience for lettering, but always admire it when I see it.

Anne said...

Beautiful! I love how you outlined the shapes, too. :-)

Candace said...

Hello Candy, I am playing catch up. Wow, you have been so beautifully busy. The baby paraphernalia was so fun and sweet and I did like yours a LOT.
the chocolate tag... great!
And this thank you tag is so uniquely yours. Wonderful things you do here. And the outlining? Great touch.

Thanks for sharing.
Candace in Athens