felt cookies!

chocolate chip cookies anyone?

I love felt! The possibilities are endless!


Toni said...

Just don't leave these for Santa, right? They look REAL!! Are you still getting ideas from that one book you posted about? I used to love felt when I was in grade school but man, we never did anything with it like what you do!

Charlie said...

These are realistic. You do some fabulous work with felt. Such a cool medium.

Candace said...

Your work is so fun, Candy! And I agree with Toni, don't tease Santa with these... he might leave coal instead of presents. Lol.
After New Years, I hope to work with it. You have inspired and emboldened me to try it.
Candace in Athens

Femin Susan said...

Hi Candy,
Good Cookies...My tongue fill with water..
Merry Christmas and happy New year.