back home again! Baby J's birthday

It's nice to be back home with my friends!

Jess and Izzy: here are the photos

Baby J, Pj, Izzy and Jessica

Homemade spongebob birthday cake. He got a build-a-bear game for his little nintendo ds from his brother.

Baby J and his cake, he just turned 5

Happy birthday to you little guy!


Candace said...

Gosh, what fun you all must have had. That cake is perfect with its blue icing! And to have a birthday during the holiday season when you're a kid (OR an adult, for some) must be the best!
Thanks for sharing this, Candy.

Toni said...

Cool cake, but oh man, those kids are gorgeous!!! WAH!!! My big hulking sons will never be 5 again, WAH WAH!!!

Rosanne said...

Looks like it was fun!