golden scrap journal

little details:

hidden mirror:

golden details:

butterfly page:

leaf page:

ribbon page:

inside pages:

front cover:

back cover:

This scrappy journal was inspired by my golden tag.


Toni said...

ACK! ACK!!!! Is that on your ETSY already? I'll go pay for it over there if you want! ACK!! it's so so gorgeous!!!

Candace said...

Wow. Very nice indeed! Good job. I like the colours you have chosen here, too, and that hidden mirror... !

Thanks for showing this.

Tracey said...

Absolutely beautiful, love the way you have incorporated all the different textures XXX

Charlie said...

This scrap journal is lovely. How did you do that blog role? I'm so challenged when it comes to these things. Love your cute little birdie too.

Charlie said...

Hi Candy,
I have a blog award for you over at my blog. Come by and get it if you want. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Anne said...

Hi, Candy! This is amazing! I love all the golden touches. Especially that golden leaf. And all the details you included like a secret mirror and the whisper-thin aspen leaf and ribbons. Love it!

By the way, I have selected you for an award today on my blog. Just click through my name to see it on Gaal Creative! :-)

doulanana said...

This journal is absolutely beautiful!!!!

LaY hOoN said...

OOh ! THis Journal Book is impressive ! Love it.