gold tag

Hello! Here is a little gold tag I've been working on today for my little Etsy market. I love using golden trinkets and gold fibers and glitters in tags.

My friend Lauren has just designed some new pirate stationary that is really cute that I thought I'd share. Arrrrr! Here is her site:

chaotic tranquility

check it out when if you get a chance.


Toni said...

Candy! You rocked this tag, it is supremely elegant. I flashed back to when I visited Versailles, some of the tapestries and furniture trims. wow! Whoever has this on a gift will probably treasure the tag most. More! More!!!

Dianne said...

I agree...your white & gold tags are elegant. there have been years when I decorated with just white and gold at Christmas and loved it.

Your Christmas tags are very cute too!

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