chocolate polka dot scrapbook

Chocolate polka dot scrapbook:

I love making these things! No more shopping for me, just using what I already have in my collection of old papers, donated supplies and unwanted craft items from my Mom.


jenjen said...

So cute! I love those polka dots. And I agree, I think homemade things are so much more special than store bought!

I am starting a linky party each weekend where you can link up any projects that you have made during the week so everyone can come by and see them. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone has been creating. If you ever want to join, I'd love to have you!

Happy Saturday!


Anne said...

Hi, Candy! I love that you are using up hoarded supplies and not buying new. Pretty polka dot book! :-)

julochka said...

i've decided too not to buy any more pretty paper. i could use what i have from now 'til christmas and still have some left. :-)

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

What a wonderful scrapbook! I love it ~ and the color is great! Thanks for showing us what you created. I'd love to do one when I get time...