wedding photos

Here are some pics of the big day! Our friend Marilyn took these photos with her digital camera, and they came out fantastic! Thank you so much Marilyn!!! I'll try to find out when all of Greg's photos will be posted on his website.

My Matron of Honor, Theresa Radke. Love that Goddess dress!

My Maid of Honor, Jessica Kelley. Love that sparkle!

my Sister in law Mary, beautiful Bridesmaid. OOoo la la!!

Here is beautiful Bridesmaid Karleen. Gorgeous!

Our ring bearer was my nephew Caleb. Our little flower princess is Corinne who just turned 2 years old. And here is my new sister, and gorgeous Bridesmaid, Gina. (Corinne's mommy!)

I love this photo of my Dad!

Here is a shot of us right after the ceremony

I will post more later, and I'll find the link to Greg's professional photos! Thanks for your patience!


Toni said...

You beautiful thing! Both of you, actually ... and YOU'RE BACK!!!! woot! woot! It really appears as if your hard work (and Mom's) made for a stunning wedding, Candy. I'm excited to see more photos, but I'm mainly just so happy for you and hoping the day was as lovely as it appears from these photos. What a smile you have! (but I don't see Petey here, no red dress for her?)

jenjen said...

Congratulations!!!! What wonderful pictures. I love your dress and the bridesmaid dresses are beautiful too!

So happy you had such a wonderful day!


Anne said...

Hi, Candy! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!! You look stunning! And I like the pretty red color you picked for your bridesmaids. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness! :-)

Candace said...

Well, no wonder you haven't been around. Congratulations to yourself and to Clarence, too.

You are right, that's a great photo of you and your dad. It's obvious it was a wonderful time and event and also obvious that there is much love around you and these people who are in your life.
Thanks for sharing this with us, Candy.

Helena said...

Wonderful photo's! I'm so happy for you!!

EWian said...

Gratulerer! (Norwegian) Congratulation!


Toni said...

Ms. Candy -- what is your married name? or did you keep Robles?

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

congratulations! you look beautiful! :)

Rosanne said...

Congratulations! Everyone looked gorgeous!

artlover said...

Thanks for sharing your nice photos.
A memorable time for you;-)

Mariette xox

doulanana said...

You look so pretty and so happy! Congratulations!!