Isabel's Birthday and more Fathers Day pics

swimming with the boys (baby J and PJ). I think it was 104 on this day in Madera.

PJ and his amazing stomach show

Robert, Jessica and Isabel

Baby J and Jessica

It was too hot in the carport area, so we were all inside waiting for Isabel to arrive for her party.

the three musketeers

Happy Birthday to you Isabel!!

Jessica and John

mmm....I really like this Crown Royal and butterscotch shot

John and Jay's former roomate Jason!

Sabrina dancing, so sassy!

I think it was about 2:45am on this shot. Notice the weary Sabrina, the leaning Isabel....and John.......still going at it.

Fathers Day June 15, 2008.

Mom, please make Ciopino again! You're the best!

Mom looking very pretty for Dads big day

Dad, I hope you exchanged those new shorts!

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Fiona said...

How nice does this pool look, middle of winter in AUS at the moment. Thank you for the comment on Issi dancing costume, she was so proud of herself.xxx